Topic outline

  • Middle School Technology - Information and Advice

    Welcome to Middle School Educational Technology Support page. Here you will find a host of information regarding school policies for the use of technology and, advice and how-tos for students.

    For specific skills on using Blogs, Google, Zoodle and Printing - please visit this courseĀ 

  • Introduction to Technology@MSK

    This section includes a video created by students to show how technology is used in the Middle School at Kilchberg

  • Responsible Use Policy

    In this section you will be able to read the full details of the Responsible Use Policy for ZIS

  • Tablet Contract

    In this section you will be able to view the details of the student tablet contract and also find a link to submit the contract online.

  • Advice for Students

    In this section there is detailed guidance for students on how to use technology services provided by ZIS. For specific skills e.g. on how to use your blog, please visit the Technology Skills courseĀ

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  • Advice for Parents

    In this section you will find advice and ideas for managing technology at home.

  • Publishing Policy

    In this section you will find the ZIS Online Publishing Policy which also appears in the school handbook.

  • Self-Management and Technology

    In this section you will learn how self management rubric is used by teachers to assess student use of technology.

  • Departing Students

    If you are leaving it is important to watch this video so that you are able to export and import your blog to another service. There is also information on passing on ownership of your files to another google account.

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